Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some newborn sized nappies

I'm starting on a newborn stash for when we have our next baby. :) I want to get the stash started now because I have so much I want to sew and make for the next kiddo, and if the next pregnancy is the same as Bodie's, I won't exactly be feeling motivated. ;)

Today I made a newborn sized AI2 with the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern, size newborn.
Here it is modelled by Teddy. ;)

Poor Ted didn't have much of a bum so I've enhanced it a bit for him, adding some stuffing to make it pop out like a wee little newborn fluffy bum.

This picture was meant to show how small it is but actually makes it look big!

This picture makes it look a bit smaller. :)
In between Bodie's nappies (my own pattern) size medium, and size large. And the medium is the same damask minky, you can see how much it's been used and has faded!

And just a quickie practice fitted, made with an old terry nappy. Just working out sizing on fitteds...

I am so looking forward to clothing a newborn. We didn't get our first MCNs with Bodie until he was 2 months, and didn't have enough for fulltime cloth until he was over 4 months.
So I'm really looking forward to cloth from the start and all mama-made this time. :)